A Kingdom Manifesto for the Church


The Season we find ourselves in as the Church both in terms of the unfolding Purposes of God and the current Global Crisis, requires something more than just Ceremonial Christianity, it requires the ff.

1) we establish Church more powerfully as a #HouseofPrayerforallNations and not a den of robbers. A place where the Global Burden is carried without favour, partiality, ethnic and nationalistic interest, so that we can present more powerful prayers on behalf of the nations before the throne of God (Mark 11:17).

2) we begin to understand not only the theology of the Cross but also the Politics of the Cross so that we can carry it’s message more effectively to the nations. The Cross does not only redeem us from sin but it also blasts systems of marginalisation (the Tabernacle of Moses) that keep literate and privileged Levitical Priesthood (empowered sectors of society) separated from the illiterate masses. The Cross breaks systems that partition society (The Curtain) to establish access, equality, inclusivity and empowerment for all. The Cross breaks Racism, Class and all forms of Intolerance – it tells us that we are One in Christ. The Cross tells us that we no longer need to be “represented” on matters of human life but that we can personally take responsibility in the development of human life (the priesthood of all believers). There is no Political Ideology that presents a better message to Humanity than the Cross. This world needs to hear the message of the Cross advanced not only by an Evangelistic voice but also by an Apostolic voice.

3) we have to understand the God who is shaking the nations (Heb 12:25-27, Hag 2:7) so that we remain a relevant Prophetic voice that delivers Kingdom Purpose to Kings (Political Authorities) and Nations. Crisis, painful as it is, does carry Divine Intent – God forms light and darkness, He creates a day of prosperity and disaster (Isa 45:7).

4) we have to equally understand the God who is confronting systems of inequality and oppression in the nations (the yoke of the Assyrian), Isa 14:24-27. We have to partner with our God in confronting injustice. We have to reestablish Justice in the Church as a fundamental principle of the Faith (Justice is the foundation of God’s throne but also, Justice is the quest of all Revolutions, Political and Legal systems – Justice is the point of equilibrium, where the Kingdom meets the Human condition). A Church that does not advance the Cause of Justice will remain peripheral on Global Affairs.

5) we have to develop a Believer who does not only represent the idea of belief in Christ but one who is functional in the very  Humanity of Christ. A Believer that can take Christlikeness to various sectors of human life: home, community, workplace etc. A Believer who is proficient in the  #ComponentsofafunctionalHumanBeinginChrist

6) we have to equip the Believer not only for ceremonial duties of the Church but also for functionality in society (Eph 4:13). A Believer that does not only preach the gospel but one that can service the spiritual-civil needs of mankind (the Adam of God). In Christ, we are that Second Adam able to work our Garden again (our Communities), 1 Cor 15:45-49, Gen 2:15.

7) we have to establish ourselves as Mount Zion, the City of God and the Light of the Nations – a #GlobalKingdomCivilisation that provides not only a place of Worship but also a place of Citizenship (Arrangement and Administration of Human Life) free from the issues of nationalism and ethnic intolerance. The Prophet Isaiah tells us that Mt. Zion is the ultimate solution to War and Intolerance: “they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks” – ie. resources of war will be turned into resources of economic development (Isa 2:1-4).

8) we have to move away from the authority of our own opinions about Global Affairs and define a coherent Worldview in the Body of Christ based on the counsel of Scriptures (1 Cor 1:10) – for this is what it means to be a Disciple (Scholar) of Christ and this is what Paul meant when he spoke about the Unity of the Faith and of Knowledge in the Church (Eph 4:13).

9) we have to be the ambassadors of Christ carrying the Message of Reconciliation to the World (2 Cor 5:16-21).

10) we have to be the “Esther Church” that can engage systems of power on behalf of the marginalised sectors of humanity.

11) we have to be the “Nehemiah Church” able to rebuild broken communities.

We are the Church (the called out Assembly) of the Kingdom of God.  We are serving our Lord Jesus Christ. We are the Hope of the Nations.