An invitation to a Kingdom Humanity gathering, Thursday 1/02/18

You are invited to our first Kingdom Humanity gathering in 2018.

Kingdom Humanity is a movement towards our shared humanity in Christ. It captures the prophetic reality that Church has entered a season of significant and distinct revelation of the Humanity of Christ (the Last Adam), and is being adorned by the Holy Spirit as a City of God in the midst of the nations, a Global Kingdom Civilization (GKC). The revelation of Kingdom Humanity will have a threefold impact upon the Church: (1) it will set the Church free from the prison of ceremonial Christianity to become a place of definition of human life in the midst of society, (2) it will facilitate an exodus in the church out of human definitions of the world to human definitions of Christ, and (3) it will empower the Church in its interaction with the world, to be the light and a projection of godly and sustainable structures of human life.

A series of teachings on Kingdom Humanity are taking place every first Thursday of the month. The first 2018 meeting takes place this week…

Day: Thursday, 1 February 2018

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: The Auditorium, Innovation Centre, UKZN Howard College (Gate no. 9, off Rick Turner Rd).

Note: venue is located in the Innovation Centre, opposite the Old Mutual Sports centre. 

This Kingdom Humanity session will focus on defining the structures and platforms that the church must establish in this Season, in order to reposition itself as a place of definition of human life.

Looking forward to our gathering together as we recieve Kingdom Definitions from the Lord.

Robert Ntuli
LivingStones Agency

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