The beauty of the Body of Christ


The Body of Christ is a dynamic, evolving community; it is the expression of the life of Christ through a redeemed people of all generations. Its capacity is not determined simply by the saints or by ministry leaders but by the Head Himself, Christ – He is the One who fills everything. Every new conversion, new prophetic conviction, new church planting & new ministry partnership or initiative etc. all help to facilitate the evolution of the Body. We can’t look at the current construct of the Body to fully understand its next evolution, simply because we don’t know who is being converted or convicted where and for what purpose – to understand this we have to look at the Head Himself. The day the apostle Paul got converted changed the outlook of Church & brought resolution to its doctrinal & cultural challenges. Addition of new “spiritual cells” to the Body (in the form of truth, people, prophetic conviction, church planting & kingdom initiatives) changes the “spiritual anatomy” of the Church, empowering her to fight all existing pathologies and move to new apostolic capacities. The Head is at work and so the Body shall be redeemed! To doubt the ability of the Church & her eventual victory over Darkness is to doubt the ability of the Head, who is the Divine Power at work in the Church. This is the beauty and the mystery of the Body of Christ. #The_beauty_of_the_Body_of_Christ

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