Announcing Kingdom Humanity Fellowship

Hi friends, partners and fellow believers,


I would like to share with you some good news in the evolution of the Purpose of God in my heart and in our church, LivingStones Agency. After a journey of 10+ years of development of the vision of Kingdom Humanity in our hearts, we feel we’ve reached a season of breaking out and rolling out this Word for the benefit of the Body of Christ, through the newly created platform of Kingdom Humanity Fellowship. The word of Kingdom Humanity broadly outlines the vision of Church becoming the Arrangement (the kosmos) of Human Life in Christ. This is the Biblical and Prophetic picture of Church as a holy city (a holy civilization) that is adorned (arranged) with the humanity of Christ (Rev. 21:2). In Kingdom Humanity, church is not seen simply as a gathering of people, but as (I) humans arranged in spaces of human life according to the definitions of Christ, and (II) as a community of inhabitants of the earth who have voluntarily chosen Christ and the Kingdom of God as the context of their existence. This assumes a very systemic expression of Church in the earth. The fundamental principle is that God does not create arbitrariness, but an orderly arrangement. God has arranged life according to His Will – this is fundamental to the idea of being the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:18). This Word therefore focuses on the ff. areas:

1) When we declare Christ, we are declaring an arrangement of human life that is different from that of the world. Christ does not simply redeem us as individuals, but He also organizes and arranges us as a collective. Church must engage the journey of development to become functional in this arrangement of human life. (This is crucial for church to overcome the ways and the order of the world, Col. 2:8).

2) Beyond just seeing Christ as the basis of our common spirituality, Christ must be established in the Church as the basis of our common humanity (Eph. 4:22-24). (This is crucial for church to exit the cultural ways of the world and to move to new positions of reconciliation, unity and common identity)

3) All across the earth, the saints are currently groaning with a new, Holy Spirit birthed desire to rise up as Kingdom Inhabitants (God’s Last Adam), and to bring the administration of God to spaces of human existence (spaces of family, community, workplace, cities and nations). This groaning is consistent with our created state as the (Last) Adam of God – our created state as humans existing and administrating spaces of life (gardens) (Gen. 2:15, 1 Cor. 15:45-49). Kingdom Humanity does not only affirm this movement and prophetic identity of the saints as God’s Last Adam – or Kingdom Inhabitants, but it also creates a platform of equipping them in this reality. (This is crucial for the saints to be able to break free from a limited devotional or ceremonial Christianity, to become the expression of the government of God in the earth).

Kingdom Humanity Fellowship is an open platform of fellowship and development in the Word of Kingdom Humanity. It is established as a distribution channel of the Word and anointing of Kingdom Humanity to the Body of Christ. I therefore invite you to read through the Kingdom Humanity Fellowship vision document to engage the definitions and emphases of Kingdom Humanity.

Please follow this link to read through the vision document:

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Thank you,

Robert Ntuli

LivingStones Agency

Durban, South Africa

Announcing Kingdom Humanity Fellowship

Hi LSA and friends,


We have been in a season of progressive revelation of the purpose and the plans of the Lord for the Body of Christ in this season. We began the journey seeing as in a “poor reflection”. This church generation is now called to enter into a new “territory of sight” as we see with greater details the elements and the relationship of the elements of God’s purpose that He is calling us to pioneer. Sight produces language! King Solomon declared that … “the teacher…searched out and set in order many proverbs… (he) searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true” (Eccl. 12:9&10). We too have experienced the inner formation of new spiritual language to capture what the Lord is doing in this season. Kingdom Humanity Fellowship is the manifestation of the invention of the Spirit that shall allow the saints to walk into new levels of life and functionality in Christ. I invite you to read, study and explore the attached document that outlines the activity of the Spirit in our hearts and lives. To do so, please follow this  link Kingdom Humanity Fellowship.

I look forward to seeing the Body of Christ move forward to fulfill what has been outlined in the prophetic Scriptures.

Thank you!

Robert Ntuli

LivingStones Agency / Kingdom Humanity Fellowship /