Kingdom Humanity Fellowship

We had a thought-provoking time of study, during our 3rd GATHERING, as we looked into Scripture together, to be illuminated by the Wisdom of God. The Word of God should be our Thinking System. Scripture should launch us into deep thought. IMG-20190606-WA0066To bring Kingdom Transformation & expansion in our environment, we need to be a Community of Faith that resembles Christ in our Thinking & Way of Life. We must become a Church that can quantify God’s Word and use it as our basis for engaging Life.IMG-20190611-WA0003.jpg Our lives  then become a platform for God to project Light to our surrounding environment.IMG-20190611-WA0002

Join us again for our 4th GATHERING in July 2019!


Kingdom Humanity Fellowship invitation

The true inheritance of our salvation is not a bunch of church activities, it is a progressive discovery of a Way of Life in Christ. It is the discovery of what it means to be human and how this translates into spaces of life in which we exist – spaces of marriage, family, community, workplace, nations etc. It is when we stand as redeemed inhabitants of the earth (and not simply as devotees or worshippers) that we can project the full extent of Christ in us – the Last Adam. You’re invited as we grapple with these issues tomorrow (Thursday) evening… Kingdom Humanity.