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We have a new publication on the Mission of Kingdom Humanity!

Kingdom Humanity is the prophetic conviction that God is adorning church with the Humanity of Christ in this season.

Kingdom Humanity brings a new and an empowering apostolic framework that moves the church beyond the limitations of “ceremonial Christianity” (the Christianity of gathering) to a broader, practice-based, and existential Christianity. The most powerful thing about the Christian faith is not the gathering – it is the existential meaning of our belief system. The big question of the faith is this: how does our belief system organize human existence? The two fundamental laws of the Kingdom of God seek to address this issue: “love the Lord God with all your heart” is the law of devotion. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the law of human existence; it is the law of citizenship.

Kingdom Humanity presents a revelation from the Lord that defines how believers must express their faith for existential wellbeing (shalom). The Lord is saying to us that we must practice our faith through three spheres of life: these are spheres of Devotion, Personal Humanity and Citizenship.

  1. The practice of Devotion – a practice of priesthood by the Holy Spirit and through devotion of our heart before God.
  2. The practice of Personal Humanity – humanization (incarnation) of the Nature of Christ through the cycle of spiritual conviction and personal transformation.
  3. The practice of Citizenship – practice of God’s righteous administration in the Spaces of Life that we inhabit (spaces of family, neighborhoods, schools, workplace, cities and nations etc.).

This booklet outlines definitions of Kingdom Humanity, and the manner in which we can participate in this glorious mission of witnessing about our common humanity in Christ.

Please follow this link to read about the Mission of Kingdom Humanity.

You can download the PDF version of the booklet here.

Please fill this online form in order to participate in the Mission: Kingdom Humanity Mission Participation Form. Alternatively, you may forward your contact details to

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