Robert Ntuli

Robert Ntuli bio pic 2Robert Ntuli is the Senior Elder of LivingStones Agency – a Church Community that is based in Durban, South Africa. He is also the Visionary of GKC Development Initiative – a Kingdom Initiative aimed at developing the Civil Dimension of Christ and establishing Church as a Global Kingdom Civilization (GKC) in the Earth.

Ron Ntuli with familyRobert is married to Zamo and they have two children, Malusi (a son who was born in 2006) and Khanyiso (a daughter who was born in 2008). Malusi means “Shepherd”. He was named in alignment to the Prophetic Call upon this family, to engage in Pioneering Leadership in the Purposes of God. Khanyiso means “Civilization” (or Enlightenment). She was named as an expression of faith in the perceived Purpose of God for the Church to become a Civilization in the Earth.

Robert was born and raised in South Africa, in the Province of KwaZulu Natal, in the village called KwaDlangezwa. He graduated with a Bachelor of Administration from the University of Zululand (UniZulu) in 1996. After working as a Professional in the Marketing field, he was called in the year 2000 and was commissioned by God to start a Church in Durban, in July 2001.

In the Year 2004, the Lord began to reveal to Robert, imminent and significant Prophetic changes that would take place in the Church. During this time, Robert taught extensively on the Issue of the Change of Priesthood. In 2006, Robert had a significant encounter where pictures of the new design of Church began to form in his mind. In 2007, this further produced new language that facilitated deeper clarity on what God was doing. It was during this time that the term Global Kingdom Civilization was conceived in his mind – during the time in which Robert received the Vision of Church as a Civilization. He has been teaching on this issue, at LivingStones Agency, for over ten years. Robert has been intensely shaped by the emphasis on Apostolic Reformation in Church, to see the Church develop and mature in the Nature and Purpose of Christ and to fulfil its End Time Prophetic Mandate for Global Impact and the Finish of all things. Robert is fully engaged in the Apostolic Call to Pioneer Global Kingdom Civilization in the Earth.

Zamo was born and raised in Durban. She graduated with the Analytical Chemistry Diploma from Durban University of Technology (DUT). After working as a Professional in the Chemistry Field, she was called by God to join Robert in the Ministry in 2009. Beyond being a great wife and mother, she provides strong ministry partnership to Robert in the Pastoral and Prophetic dimensions.

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